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Billy Morrissey’s BIO

Billy Morrissey

An entrepreneur and financial specialist, Billy Morrissey is the President and Founder of Merchant Solutions Group, a company that provides business and financing options to small and medium-sized businesses. Morrissey, a born and bred New Yorker, founded Merchant Solutions Group in 2007, starting in a oneroom office. Today, the company boasts over 30 employees with Manhattan and Chicago-based offices, assisting businesses turned away by banks and other financial institutions to promote small business growth and help companies of all kinds flourish. Prior to founding Merchant Solutions Group, Morrissey honed his skills in the real estate industry.


1. Please share with us what prompted you to create Merchant Solutions Group?

Billy: Once I started in the industry, as a sale representative and then became a manager, I set a goal to start my own company in my second year. I just completely fell in love with the industry right away!


2. There is no typical day in the life of entrepreneur. Please share with us a sample of your day, start to finish.

Billy: I wake up around 6 am and go right to my computer to check emails. Then, I get in the office around 8:30-9 and start the day off with a motivational meeting for the sale reps. Finally, I end the day at around 7 or 8 pm. Usually, 2 or 3 nights a week I will have a dinner meeting or event to attend with potential clients, partners, or investors until 11 pm.


3. What are your ‘can’t live without’ Smartphone or desktop applications?

Billy: My ‘can’t live without’ item would definitely be my Iphone!


4. What are your tricks for time management?

Billy: I try to split up my day. For my employees I hold meetings and training during the morning. For other offices looking to partner up with us, I usually meet with them in the early afternoon. I meet with my managers at the end of the day to see how everything went that day. Between all these meetings I try to fix any problems ASAP!


5. What was the best advice you received when you started your career?

Billy: The best advice I ever received was to be an honest businessman. You may not make the most money right away, but you will last longer in the business. I was looking at the bigger picture when I started, so it was great advice and we just started our 6th year in business!


6. Given the current economic climate, what has been your strategy for building awareness of Merchant Solutions Group? ( what you do for short term and long term growth)?

Billy: Now that traditional banks are no longer lending money to small businesses our method of alternative funding has become a great option for those businesses to get the quick financial help they need.


7. What is your proudest achievement as an accomplished entrepteneur?

Billy: The proudest achievement I have as an entrepreneur was when I found out from the largest lender in my industry that Merchant Solutions Group was in the top 10 Independent Sales organizations in the US.


8. How do you achieve balance in your life?

Billy: It is no easy task to have balance in your life when you own a business. I try to, but I really can’t. 90% of my life is work and the other 10% is sleep.


9. Your top 3 book recommendations?


(1)The Big Idea, Donny Deutsch

(2) Winning, Jack Welsh

(3) The 10 Commandments of Business Failure, Donald Keough.


10. What are your most rewarding charitable involvements?

Billy: I can’t say that I do anything that is a real game changer, but I try to be as charitable as possible. St. Judes Hospital, Happy Hearts Fund, UNICEF, ASPCA, and Heartshare are just some of the charities that I have donated to.


11. Who has influenced your career the most?

Billy: No one person has really influenced me more than the other. They have all had a part in my life, some more than others, but not enough to give just one person the recognition.


12. What is your advice for someone interested in entrepreneurship?

Billy:  Be ready to devote your life to it or you will fail! Owning your own business is a 24/7 hustle and anything less can be devastating.

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