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Amy Cosper

AMY COSPER, vice president/editor-in-chief at Entrepreneur Media Inc., knows what it means to drive a business idea forward with passion, creativity, savvy, and yes, even a little moxie. Having been in the entrepreneurial trenches with her media consulting business, Cosper has an in-depth understanding of what entrepreneurs want and need. She knows that without the right information, tools and resources, small businesses stay small.

For Cosper, the media addiction started with a fervor for technology and love at first dial-up. But it was at WiesnerMedia that she delved into the essence of what it means to be an entrepreneur. As the company’s entrepreneur in residence, Cosper solicited and evaluated new business plans, ventures and partnerships for a slew of media properties targeting the insurance and financial markets. Transform innovative ideas into full-fledged realities by raising capital from the VC community? No problem for this business development pro.

Cosper’s journalism roots began in the tech world, where she cut her teeth as a reporter on assignment in Israel, Norway, Brazil, Luxembourg, Paris and London covering broadband, broadcasting and satellites. Eventually she became publisher/editor-in-chief for Satellite Broadband magazine at WiesnerMedia, and later she redesigned and directed five ASBPE award-winning financial magazines.

New media versus traditional media? To Cosper, when it comes to content, it doesn’t matter. She’s a media evangelizer covering topics at conferences all over the world—from free economics, web 2.0 and social media optimization, broadcasting, the Internet, VC strategies, media, online profiling and user behaviors, and content strategies.

At Entrepreneur Media, Cosper’s breadth of experience and tech savvy infuses cutting-edge ideas into the company with a 34-year legacy for serving the small business market. Her mission? Keep entrepreneurs alert to the network of tools fundamental to launching and growing their businesses—whether they’re people, technologies, funding sources, or best practices. For her, “It’s all about what you do with what you’ve got.” According to Cosper, that’s a whole lot more than most people fathom.

Entrpreneur Media Inc. publishes Entrepreneur Magazine which keeps entrepreneurs alert to the network of tools fundamental to launching and growing their businesses.


1. Please share with us how you began your role as Editor of The Entrepreneur?

Amy: I moved from Denver to Orange County to take over the magazine. The goal was a complete overhaul of the magazine, the editorial structure and the processes.  It was a big project. I was pretty naive going into it.


2. For most successful entrepreneurs, there is no typical day so give us a sample of your schedule from start to finish.

Amy: Wow. I don’t really have a typical day. I work from home so, I’m working by about 6:30 am. I hit the gym even during deadline weeks. It clears my head. I spend a lot of time of the phone with writers, editors, and business owners. There are plenty of strategy meetings. I’m active on social media. There really isn’t a typical day. It fluctuates.


3. What are your “can’t live without” apps on your desktop/cell phone?

Amy: I have a ton of apps but the ones I use most are Around Me, Yelp, Weather Underground (i’m a weather geek), Ski Reports, Nytimes, Facebok, Twitter, and Pocket Yoga.


4. What are your tricks for time management?

Amy: Always have a goal for the day. Write it down and work toward it. For example: “Today, I’d like to get richard branson on the horn.” OK, maybe that’s a bit far-fetched, but you get the picture.


5. Best advice received when you started your career?

Amy: Be fearless and innovate.


6. Given the current economic climate, how has your strategy for building awareness of your work changed for the short-term and long-term?

Amy: Our strategy has never changed: We want to create great editorial content and a unique experience for our readers.


7. What’s been your proudest achievement as such an immensely accomplished Entrepreneur?

Amy: Building a team of writers, editors, art directors, and reporters who are deeply engaged and will go the distance to make a story great.


8. What are some of the ways that you achieve balance in your life?

Amy: I don’t know that I’m successful at achieving balance.


9. Your top 3 book recommendations for our readers (and why?)



10. If you had an exceptional month and earned double of your average month, what (if anything) would you spend it on?

Amy: Nothing. I’d invest.


11. What are some of your most rewarding charitable involvements and why?

Amy: Children’s charities.


12. Who has been the most influential person to you as you’ve advanced in your career?

Amy: My Mom.


13. What’s your advice to someone interested in entrepreneurship?

Amy: Have a clear vision of what you want to do and be able to articulate that idea in 3 sentences or less.


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