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One afternoon last month while I was visiting some friends in Boston, I was able to catch up with famed Real Estate Broker and entrepreneur Ricardo Rodriguez. He was kind enough to take some time out of his weekend to meet up for an interview with BeyondSuccessOnline, show me the recently opened Daniela Corte store for which he is the Creative Director, and take me to one his beautiful listings in the South End.

I met Ricardo at his offices in the Back Bay. Talk about an amazing work location! He gets to walk through the beautiful streets of the Back Bay to Newbury Street, one the  most popular attractions in the city. Not a bad commute!

->Insert some advice that I extracted from the interview.


Afterwords, Ricardo and I headed up Newbury Street to the recently opened retail store for Daniela Corte. She is an increasingly popular designer her swimsuits covering the top models of Sports Illustrated! As Creative Director for this fashion line, Ricardo played a huge role in the creating the overall design aesthetic. He wanted the store to have a ‘butcher shop’ setup, as evidenced by the hooked mannequins along the wall. Also, if you notice that waved structure on the ceiling? That’s actually an intricate assembly of closepins and string! Your guess is as good as mine on how long this took to create.

-> Inset Pic

He did a great job with the store. I like that the space isn’t overwhelmed with inventory so you can focus on the clothing.

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