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Arthur Mandel’s BIO

Arthur Mandel

Nolcha is an award-winning promotional, events and retail platform specializing in independent fashion designers; offering a fashion week program in New York and London, social e-commerce and pop up shops.


1. What prompted you to start Nolcha?

Nolcha: I started Nolcha because I saw a void in the independent fashion designer industry that was not getting much attention in terms of assistance to introduce and showcase their collections to the desired industry demographic.


2. For most successful entrepreneurs, there is no typical day so give us a sample of your schedule from start to finish.

Nolcha: Everyday is a surprise even though I have a plan set the day before. From meetings, to traveling, to events, this industry moves very fast and everyone wants to be part of something “hot”.  I have the opportunity to speak with high level executives from Vitamin Water to American Airlines, to independent fashion designers from Australia to Italy. I get a chance to see and hear what is going on around the world.


3. What are your “can’t live without” apps on your desktop/cell phone?

Nolcha: I have two apps, Mapquest app and NY POST on my cell/phone.


4. What are your tricks for time management?

Nolcha: My tricks for time management are 5 hour energy! Just kidding, concentrate on your tasks and try not to allow interruptions like phone calls and emails to distract your focus from the task.


5. Best advice received when you started your career?

Nolcha: Delegate duties to trusted individuals and professionals within that specific task.


6. Given the current economic climate, how has your strategy for building awareness of your work changed for the short-term and long-term?

Nolcha: The current climate has caused my strategy to attend more industry events and have more in person meetings as budgets are lower and time with clients is better done in person. I used to do all my business on the phone, but now most of it is in person.


7. What’s been your proudest achievement as such an immensely accomplished Entrepreneur?

Nolcha: Taking my company with a name that means nothing to most people that is not related to the fashion industry to being featured in press such as NBC, Smart Money TV, CBS, and partnerships with major brands such as Vitamin Water, American Airlines, Donq Rums and others.


8. What are some of the ways that you achieve balance in your life?

Nolcha: Playing basketball with people I never met before. I just take a drive to an outdoor basketball park, and join in a game with people I don’t do business with, maybe have seen on the courts in the past and just get some good competition games going. I leave my cell phone in the car, and become unreachable for a few hours, its a great thing to be unreachable sometimes.


9. If you had an exceptional month and earned double of your average month, what (if anything) would you spend it on?

Nolcha: I would spend it on a quick gateaway or hit the casino.


10. What are some of your most rewarding charitable involvements and why?

Nolcha: My rewarding charitable involvement is working with St. Judes Cancer Research producing their Design Cares Runway. It was great to give the kids the chance to walk the runway and raise money for a good cause.


11.Who has been the most influential person to you as you’ve advanced in your career?

Nolcha: I have had a few influential people through stages of career, ranging from business, relationships and technology to advance my career.


12. What’s your advice to someone interested in entrepreneurship?

Nolcha: Partner, partner, partner, you cant do it alone. Find the right business partner that compliments you and can handle other parts of the business.

To learn more about  Nolcha and gain access to their online retail store featuring independent fashion designers, click the following link:

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