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The other weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to the 24th annual Boston Music Awards. The event was put on by two BSO entrepreneurs, Jake Brennan and David Ginsburg of BrenBurg Media (that’s Jake and I at the event). It was great catching up with Jake even though he was super busy running the awards show.

To be honest I walked into the event a little apprehensive. I am big sucker for “pop” music and I wasn’t sure if I was going to really enjoy any of the local Boston bands playing that night. The good news is that I was completely wrong! Given the festival style setup of the awards show, I was able to go from ballroom to ballroom hearing different bands and different genres. My favorite of the night would definitely have to be a band called Viva Viva. All of the rock band’s songs I heard that night were instantly catchy! Check out their website to listen to one of the songs I into called “Heartbreak Sweepstakes“.

Besides checking out the bands, the people watching was unbelievable. It was such an interesting mix of Bostonians from socialites decked out in designer wear to hipsters in tuxedo shirts. I also loved seeing some of the band members walking around in 3 foot high marching band hats.

If you are in need of some new music, a great resource would be to check out the latest tunes from the nominated artists from the show. They can found on the Boston Music Awards website or if you are a Spotify user there is actually a playlist of the nominated artists.

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