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Claibourn Hamilton, Design & Art Direction for

Design & Art Direction ~ NEW YORK

L’Oreal USA | M A C Cosmetics | Le Metier de Beaute Luxury Cosmetics | LVMH Fragrance Brands, Givenchy + Kenzo | New Avon


BSO: Since our interview years ago, please share with us ways in which you’ve 1) challenged yourself and 2) grown, personally AND professionally.
Since our interview several years ago:
1) Professionally, my performance came to an all-time high as a Senior Designer at Givenchy Beauty in 2016-2017. I managed the retail promotional design needs for the brand’s North American region. The role required me to juggle multiple creative tasks with an even higher level of detail. Since juggling & multi-tasking has always been a challenge for me, I set up accountability measures to ensure success from day to day.
2) My personal growth was enhanced when I enrolled in Momentum Education’s series of personal development courses in 2018. Working in teams, as well as group exercises,  I learned how to resolve breakdowns in every aspect of life. This sort of life-coaching taught me how to be more authentic, aware and vulnerable with myself and others.
BSO: With what you’ve learned about yourself and all that you’ve achieved, what are 3 pieces of advice you’d give your younger self?
With all I have experienced and learned in my adult life, three pieces of advice I would give my younger self would be:
– Be yourself…own your magic
– Speak up…express yourself
– Be pragmatic when setting personal and professional goals
BSO: That never ending ‘balance’ question (wellness, career and family). What’s your typical day look like ? Or share with us a sample of 2 days.
My work life is quite demanding, so I have to be intentional to achieve that ‘balance’ in professional & personal life. Being a workaholic, has required me to implement a hard start & stop time in my work day. This also includes walking out of doors everyday during lunch to revive my senses. I also I set up at least two days per week for a morning or evening yoga practice at home, using the Asana Rebel app. All of this has helped me be aware of my weaknesses so that I may reserve my resources to build upon my strengths.
BSO: To function at our highest level and to continue tapping into our creativity, Weekends should be restorative, physically and mentally. What does yours look like ?


Excursions to Beacon, in upstate NY with my Husband. This is our time to reconnect with one another, and with nature. Taking long walks, or going on a hike is usually involved. Having the luxury of escaping NYC from time to time would help to enhance our minds, bodies and souls. If we can’t make it Beacon, then we usually find ourselves in Central Park bike riding, or simply at the beach on Fire Island during warmer Seasons.

BSO: Please share with us what we can look forward to in terms of projects you are working on or your next exciting venture. 


I’ve worked as a Graphic Designer, supporting the 2D creative needs of visual merchandising for beauty & fashion; this has become my creative niche. However, I have never learned the auto-cad, or 3D skill set associated with the development of visual merchandising display units and store design; that is, until now….I recently received a certification in Visual Merchandising Design this past Summer from Pratt Institute. Since I regularly liaise with visual merchandising teams, it was inevitable  I would make this pivot. Currently, I am a design consultant at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics ; I recently migrated to the 3D visual merchandising team. This new phase in my career will give me the opportunity to harness my expanded creative skill-set so that I can create new design concepts.

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