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A One in a Million Mentor : Beth Goldstein (


I met Beth Goldstein ( 14 years ago when I was an M.B.A. student in her marketing class at Boston University’s Graduate School of Management. I was a stockbroker working full-time at Fidelity Investments. I had been managing private retail clients’ wealth at Merrill Lynch’s downtown Boston location for several years before I joined Fidelity Investments in 1994. After obtaining my NASD Series 7,63 licenses, I was tremendously enjoying helping small business owners and families make profitable investments and achieve their financial long-term goals. Having received my financial services training at Merrill Lynch immediately upon graduating from Boston University’s School of Management, I felt that I had arrived at the doorstep of success: I was eager to learn more and was anticipating the next chapter of my career within the financial services industry.


Beth transformed my career track.


Beth was the consummate business professor – engaging, dynamic, passionate about sharing her knowledge in marketing, excited to challenge the students and retrain their brain to think strategically about making optimal decisions for an organization’s sustainable long term growth. Thinking back on many weekday class sessions at 9 pm, she kept us on our toes and invigorated our minds. Suffice to say, it was one of my favorite classes.

As I became fortunate to find out 14 years later when she mentored me, Beth’s teaching style mirrored her mentoring style. Her depth in caring and truly understanding the passions and skill sets of her clients, along with their aspirations and life goals, inspired me and magically fused my diverse skill sets together, enabling me to transform my life path.

Upon receiving my B.S. in Business Administration, I spent the next 11 years of my career advising retail clients and managing their wealth portfolios. Over the next 10 years, I transferred my corporate business skills to the charitable fundraising industry where I championed causes that raised funds for pediatric cancer, pediatric rehabilitation and homeless families. Through my extensive work with children, I began teaching workshops that coached non-traditional urban students to be effective fundraisers. I partnered with community colleges in Boston, Roxbury and Cambridge. I collaborated with non-profit organizations serving underemployed professionals and taught fundraising workshops. To tap into my writing and public relations passion, I created in 2009 to share the best practices for personal and business success (via my 1:1 interviews) of global leaders.

Following Beth’s counsel, I began focusing my consulting practice on providing fundraising coaching to executive directors and non-profit professionals with emphasis on creating immediately actionable corporate sponsorship campaigns and building/managing an effective Board of Directors. My love of helping non-profits serve their community and my joy in sharing my 20+ years of business management experience with urban college students created a path for me that maximized my skill sets as a business professional.

Beth tapped into my core passions of writing and coaching. She reinvigorated within me the joys that I had initially experienced 14 years earlier as a young business professional embarking on a career in 2 of the most highly regarded financial services companies in Boston.

Beth transformed my life through her vibrant way of drawing out the professional achievements that meant the most to me. Through her talent in assessing details in my big picture, she leveraged my skills while helping me determine multiple business needs within the community that my skill sets could serve.

She brought back my joie de vivre and my core desire to help professionals achieve sustainable long-term growth at their companies. I am so grateful to Beth for all that she has done to help me carve out a new path toward a fulfilling future that empowers my young adult students and senior professional students.

Edith Moricz
Boston University Alumna
SMG ’91,GSM 2001

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