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Jane Ubell, Founder of Madison & Mulholland; Leader in celebrity/VIP Gifting

Jane Ubell’s BIO

Award Winning Entrepreneur and Leading Authority on Product Placement & Celebrity Gifting

Jane Ubell-Meyer is CEO and founder of Madison & Mulholland, a celebrity/VIP gifting company and e-commerce site. Since 2004, Jane has helped build a new industry and is considered a leader in the world of celebrity gifting. Her clients (past and present) include United Airlines, Entrepreneur Magazine, Virgin America, American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival, Grammy Foundation, Academy for Television Arts & Sciences, Major League Baseball, Hearst Publications, Conde Nast, etc.

Jane began her career in televison. Her producing credits include: Good Morning America, WABC-TV, Entertainment Tonight and she was the creator of a daily two hour talk show for Dow Jones’ WBIS-TV. She is the producer of two feature films, and the co-executive producer of the Emmy nominated CBS TV movie, “Leona Helmsley, The Queen of Mean”.

Jane’s appearances as an expert and authority in the world of product placement and celebrity gifting include national and international broadcasts: Fox, CNN, CBS, ABC, BBC, Hong Kong TV, Japan TV, Canadian TV, German TV, etc.

Madison & Mulholland is featured in over 100 print and online news and entertainment publications including: The New York Times, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, New York Post, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, among others. Madison & Mulholland’s 9th Annual “Ultimate Nominee Gift Bag” was featured in Huffington Post’s 2011 Oscar Gifting Wrap-Up.

Madison & Mulholland offers an exciting array of products including eyewear and accessories on

In the Spotlight Interview

1. Please share with us the inception of Madison & Mulholland.

Jane: Madison & Mulholland started Oct 6, 2004, ten years ago as an off-shoot of “Buzz Bags”,  a gift bag company I launched with a former partner.

My company began creating gift bags filled with amazing products that were gifted to “influencers” in the beach communities on Long Island, simply known as the Hamptons. From there, our gift bags were seen on United Airlines, American Airlines, in mega “gifting lounges” we created for celebrity events in Hollywood, Miami, etc. An ecommerce site grew out of that experience offering products that were gifted to celebrities on line. Today, as we celebrate 10 years, we offer products to many online stores, as well as our own.


2. Take us through a typical day, start to finish.

Jane:  Each day begins by filling orders online, talking to our partners (either retail or online). Most days we continually look for new opportunities to offer our products. We also develop new products. Our latest product keeps us busy with continual conversations with my factories in China, checking samples and making sure each component works.

Our new product is a unisex vertical hip (literally sits on the hip) version of a messenger bag that has a slim battery charger, so one can charge their cell phone on–the-go! Colors: Brown, Black and Orange all in faux crocodile and comes with 5 cell adapter ports! It’s really fabulous!

Mid-day, I attend to my marketing. Looking for opportunities to promote my products.
Often I travel into NYC to meet with potential joint venture partners Or I travel to California or China.
At the end of the day, I develop my plan for the next day.


3. What was the best advice you received as you created Madison & Mulholland?

Jane:  Keep your eye on the big picture. Don’t worry about the small failures along the way. Be patient, keep your vision and work hard.


4. What are your strategies for building awareness of Madison & Mulholland for the short term and the long term?

Jane:  For long term: I believe in the 5-layer cake strategy! I think of promotion in 5 layers. I work to be showcased in all 5 layers every month. The layers consist of:
1. Social media: local or national
2. TV: Local or national
3. Print : local or national:
4. Daily Deals: local/national
5. In-Person:

Short Term: I like to take advantage of opportunities to introduce my products to local bloggers and editors.


5. What is your proudest achievement?

Jane:  Manifesting working with Sir Richard Branson.


6. What are Your Top 3 book recommendations?


A Life of Risks Taken – Seymour Ubell
The Compound Effect- Darren Hardy
Losing My Virginity – Richard Branson


7. What charitable causes are most meaningful to you and why?

Jane:  Noreen Fraser Foundation funds researchers for all women’s cancers. Noreen is my best friend (she was my boss at Entertainment Tonight). Through funding research, her foundation has led to extending the lives of many women, including hers!


8. Who has been most influential toward your accomplishments with Madison & Mulholland?

Jane:  My father is my mentor. He has provided me with insights, compassion and confidence.


9. What is your advice for entrepreneurs who are 1-3 months away from launching their business?

Jane:  Be very clear about your marketing campaign. How will you attract customers and why would they choose your company over any other?


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